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Coaching & Food Development

The food and catering industry is changing. Customers are increasingly demanding products of purely plant-based origin. Most food companies are investing large sums of money and a lot of effort in the development and marketing of vegan foods.

Start-ups in this area are being taken over by global players. "Living vegan" is neither a religion nor a short-term trend; it means a change in the food market. Related issues include animal welfare, water resources and the health of all living beings; issues that are essential for the future of our planet.

For traditional gastronomy, "the vegan option" is often a topic that people try to ignore. The feeling that it is just a trend is still prevalent. In the future, there will be more and more people who eat more consciously and occasionally try to avoid animal products (flexitarians).

By adding vegan products to your range, you can increase your company's sales and also benefit from networking with the large vegan/vegetarian community.

Let us coach you:

  • Sales training for field staff

  • Advice on “Why Vegan?”

  • Cooking training

We develop with you:

  • Dishes for the catering industry

  • Industry

  • Tailor Made Products

Marcel Bourquin is in charge of the Coaching & Development division at Vegilife. His hobby and passion is food and relieving people of their discomfort with vegan food. He has been developing vegan products for various companies and on the Swiss food market for several years.

Marcel comes from a background in classic gastronomy with 35 years of experience as a developer, nutritionist and chef. He was able to enrich his experience with work stays that spanned the entire globe.

About his education:

  • Dipl. Nutritionist

  • Confectioner / Confectioner

  • Cook

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